The Active Side of InfinityThe Active Side Of InfinityThe Active Side of Infinity Ronda Barcelona 2019
Crypton Art Festival
Crypton Art Festival 2019
For sale Ready to shipSold
mandala in e minor (sold)
Solo Exhibition 2019SoldRequiem for Johannes Brahms For Sale (Ready to Ship)

Skeches by (puriaqara)Ronda Barcelona 2019Dancing Shiva In Collection Requiem for Johannes Brahmas 2021
Dancing Shiva 2020 (Owned by
Biennale 4th Tehran 2005
Dancing Shiva

Passion by puriaqara & Spidar Yeganeh
Biennale 4th TehranSolo exhibition in tehran 2019
Dancing Shiva Barcelona 2019 puriaqara
Mandala in b minor 2017
Three Huge Curses in private collection Sold